Musharraf vis-a-vis New World Order

Musharraf’s unconstitutional hygemonic reign of terror, the darkest in the history of Pakistan, will always be remembered along with the fact how the western governments, especially USA’s blatant support.

The American government has an agenda of world domination and Pakistan holds significant importance due to the strategic location it holds. Musharraf collects his power from the corrupt within the establishment and the military. Kayani cannot sideline himself or the army just because of the notion of Army’s integrity. Army has always been considered as the last line of defence for Pakistan. Nevertheless, people are becoming more aware of the sinister plot the generals have been weaving around Pakistan.

People know how the morally corrupt generals  supported the dictatorial actions of Musharraf. They know how the military’s big-wigs have been involved directly or indirectly in this unprecedented coup.

Musharraf must be removed, the military prowess must be reigned in, OUT of America’s influence. The Judiciary must be restored to pre- Nov 3 position. Anythin less than this will be an invitation of further upheavel.

SAVE Pakistan! Get Rid of The Corrupt!


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