The Bottomline

The present scenario in Pakistan is unprecendented in its history and the writing on the wall states that it will get worse andd worse, unless we investigate the real factors leading up to the fiasco.

It is intresting to note how the world affairs are so intimately related to each other like dynamo effect. How we have been manipulated by the elite in their quest for power and how they in turn have been by the world powers for theirs. So, is there some conspiracy going on thats effecting our lives, the lives of not just 160 million or so Pakistanis, but the whole of south asian countries.

Are we living in the end times? OK, maybe it’s too dramatic to think on those lines! But, Power and Money, has always been The motivating factor, since the begining of time, for dictators and corrupt, enough to kill and maime their own, in the name of something else. So, who’s in charge in Pakistan?

The past 60 years or so, the military has been in charge, on-board and off the charts for their foreign masters.

Is Pakistan military, i.e. Army, Navy and Airforce an assett of USA? When the Generals leave the impression that no one can or will be allowed to question their actions and intentions, while filling their pockets with tons and tons of $$ in the form of kickbacks, at the cost of this nations sovereignty, that raises some serious concerns. We all know what the military brass has done in the name of their duty inm the last 60 years. They lost a part of the country. Humiliated this nation over and over again, with no one questioning their integrity and motives. They have time and time, sold this nation for everything but Pakistan and its people’s welfare. I know these are very tough words coming from a laymen, but take a quick glance over our recent history and it becomes evident. In the recent past, Musharraf has proved it countless times, how the military is playing 2nd fiddle to the USA and its cronies. So, who’s in charge? Why and How the generals are supporting the regime’s unconstituional acts? Why are we given the impression that this nation cannot do without outside support? I am not questioning the integrity of the institution of Army, Navy or Air-Force. I am not questioning the loyalty of the brave soldiers who have been killed in the name of War on Terror. I am against the notion that the generals should be given a free hand to do away with whatever they can get their hands on. I am questioning the elites in propogating the idea, that we are going to fail if they are not allowed to do their bidding.

Don’t we know about the past of the likes of military advisors and the so called chiefs getting away with millions? Don’t we know what Yehya khan was and what he did and how conveniently he was released with honours?

This war on terror is going to give unimaginable powers to the military which in turn will empower the foreign forces. The 11 point agenda of USA is just a cover of the whole book about to come out soon.

We cannot allow anyone to get away with what they have.

We must not allow any general to make deals which will cost us our sovereignty.

We must stand up for our rights, Now or NEVER! It will cost us many lives, cus they will not let go of the power and the $$ they have been stealing fropm this nation.

We must stand up now for Justice.

The best that can be done is to uncover the sneaky deals the generals are making with the CIA and the British forces.


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